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About Lovely Professional University

An online institution called Lovely Professional institution( LPU) provides a range of courses over the Internet. It's analogous to attending a conventional institution, but you can use a computer to study at home. instructors at LPU produce assignments, vids, and other accouterments that you can pierce online. You can pick from a wide range of motifs, including knowledge, the trades, business, and more. You can communicate with the instructors via dispatch or online converse if you need backing understanding the assignments. You gain inflexibility by studying at LPU online since you may set your own pace for literacy. This implies that you can watch the assignments whenever you have time and do them on your own schedule. In order to make literacy more intriguing, you also get to engage with peers from all societies. A sanctioned document that certifies your successful completion of your chosen course is the degree you can gain once your studies are complete. You can use this degree to advance in your job. With the help of instructors, you can learn fascinating courses from your home at your own speed through LPU Online University, where you can also gain a priceless degree.

Lovely Professional University Facts

Lovely Professional University Advantages

Flexibility and Convenience

Online LPU University offers the inflexibility to study from anywhere at your own pace. Whether you are a working professional or have other commitments, you can pierce course accouterments , lectures, and assignments at a time that suits you, making it accessible to balance education with your other liabilities.

Different Course Selection

Online LPU University provides a wide range of courses across colorful disciplines, from business and technology to the trades and lores. This different selection allows you to choose programs that align with your interests and career pretensions, enabling you to specialize and grow in your chosen field.

Global Learning Community

Enrolling in an online LPU connects you with a global community of learners. You will have the occasion to interact with fellow scholars from different countries and backgrounds, enabling you to gain perceptivity and perspectives that go beyond your original region.

Quality Education and offers

LPU is known for its quality education, and this extends to its online immolations. You will have access to well- structured courses, endured preceptors, and precious literacy coffers similar to videotape lectures,e-books, discussion forums, and more.

Career Advancement

Online LPU University's programs are designed to enhance your career prospects. By gaining new chops or upgrading living bones , you can ameliorate your job openings and professional growth. The university frequently provides career services, including job placement backing and networking openings.

Available Courses

MA English
MA Political Science
MA Economics
MA History
MA Sociology
MBA Digital Marketing
MBA Business Analytics
MBA Marketing
MBA Information Technology Management
MBA Human Resource Management
MBA Finance
MBA Operation Management
MBA International Business
MBA Data Science
M.Sc Mathematics
MCA Data Science
MCA Web Development

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Lovely Professional University Admission Process

There is an online admissions process available at Online Lovely Professional University, therefore there is no need to physically visit the campus to apply for admission. There is no entrance exam required to apply for admission to Lovely Professional University Online because admissions are made directly. The following describes the Lovely Professional University's admissions process for online courses:

Step 1

Submit Application

Fill out the online application form on our website.

Step 2

Submit Application

We will review your application and inform if you can join.

Step 3

Submit Application

Secure your spot by paying registration fee to start your journey.

Step 4

Submit Application

Pay first semester fee payment to University.

Lovely Professional University Examination Pattern

With simply a laptop or desktop computer and a strong internet connection, you can take tests whenever and wherever it suits you.


Exam Schedule

Exam schedule alerts will be sent to students through email or SMS in advance.


Slot Booking

Through the LMS, learners can reserve their preferred exam time slots.


E-Hall Tickets

One week prior to the exam, hall tickets will be accessible for download through the LMS.



Using a secure browser from the comfort of your home, take examinations that are proctored online.


Evaluation & Results

Results will be announced and shared with students shortly following evaluation.

Industry-Ready Programs for Enhanced Career Readiness

  1. Communication
  2. Self-development & Confidence building
  3. Critical thinking & Problem solving
  4. Leadership
  5. Professionalism
  6. Teamwork & Collaboration
  7. Cultural fluency
  8. Technology

Expert Career Guidance and Placement Services

Our goal is to increase the employability quotient of students who are eager to pursue careers after completing their programs. We maintain a wide network with the top businesses in India, including both well-established and start-up businesses, to assist our students. Our goal is to match alumni of our programs with employers seeking the right talent and the right set of employment possibilities that coincide with their career goals.

Lovely Professional University Placement Partners

1000 + Hiring partners

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