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About Indo-Global College

A renowned educational institution, The Indo Global Group of Colleges is renowned for its dedication to offering students chances for holistic growth and high-quality education. This network of colleges, which is based in Chandigarh, India, provides a comprehensive selection of academic programs in several fields, including engineering, management, pharmacy, and computer applications. The Indo Global Group of Colleges, founded with the goal of fostering young minds and preparing them for a globally competitive world, has a committed faculty, cutting-edge facilities, and a vibrant learning environment. Through an industry-focused curriculum and hands-on training, students here not only gain academic knowledge but also practical exposure.

The school also emphasizes extracurricular activities heavily to give pupils a well-rounded educational experience. The Indo Global Group of Colleges is a reputable name in the world of higher education in India because it trains its students to achieve in their chosen fields and positively contribute to society with a focus on research, innovation, and community participation.

Indo-Global College Facts

Indo-Global College Advantages

Education of high quality:

The institution is renowned for its dedication to offering education of high quality. To make sure that students acquire a solid academic foundation, it employs experienced faculty members, maintains modern infrastructure, and adheres to a demanding curriculum.

Wide Range of Academic Programs across Various Disciplines:

The Indo Global Group of Colleges offers a wide range of academic programs across various disciplines. Students can efficiently follow their interests and career goals by selecting from a variety of programs in engineering, management, pharmacy, computer applications, and other fields.

Skills for the Workforce:

The curriculum is created to prepare pupils for the workplace. Students obtain important knowledge and experience that improve their employability after graduation through hands-on training, internships, and exposure to real-world situations.

Holistic Development:

By encouraging students to take part in extracurricular activities, sports, and cultural events, the institution places a strong emphasis on holistic development. With this well-rounded approach, students are certain to thrive academically as well as in the development of leadership and soft skills.

Opportunities for research:

The Indo Global Group of Colleges encourages innovation and research. It promotes a culture of curiosity and discovery by giving students the chance to work on research projects and delve into their areas of interest.

Available Courses


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Indo-Global College Admission Process

There is an online admissions process available at Online Indo-Global College, therefore there is no need to physically visit the campus to apply for admission. There is no entrance exam required to apply for admission to Indo-Global College Online because admissions are made directly. The following describes the Indo-Global College's admissions process for online courses:

Step 1

Submit Application

Fill out the online application form on our website.

Step 2

Submit Application

We will review your application and inform if you can join.

Step 3

Submit Application

Secure your spot by paying registration fee to start your journey.

Step 4

Submit Application

Pay first semester fee payment to University.

Indo-Global College Examination Pattern

With simply a laptop or desktop computer and a strong internet connection, you can take tests whenever and wherever it suits you.


Exam Schedule

Exam schedule alerts will be sent to students through email or SMS in advance.


Slot Booking

Through the LMS, learners can reserve their preferred exam time slots.


E-Hall Tickets

One week prior to the exam, hall tickets will be accessible for download through the LMS.



Using a secure browser from the comfort of your home, take examinations that are proctored online.


Evaluation & Results

Results will be announced and shared with students shortly following evaluation.

Industry-Ready Programs for Enhanced Career Readiness

  1. Communication
  2. Self-development & Confidence building
  3. Critical thinking & Problem solving
  4. Leadership
  5. Professionalism
  6. Teamwork & Collaboration
  7. Cultural fluency
  8. Technology

Expert Career Guidance and Placement Services

Our goal is to increase the employability quotient of students who are eager to pursue careers after completing their programs. We maintain a wide network with the top businesses in India, including both well-established and start-up businesses, to assist our students. Our goal is to match alumni of our programs with employers seeking the right talent and the right set of employment possibilities that coincide with their career goals.

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